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 Factoring is the sale of your invoices for immediate cash. When J&D Financial purchase your receivables they will:
  1. Advance you 70% - 80% of the face value of the invoice.
  2. Charge you a fee. A typical charge for an aged 30 day invoice will be 2% to 4%, 3% to 6% if the invoice is aged 60 days. (Want to know more about Factoring Fees? Click here)
  3. Remit to you the balance when the invoice is paid.

J&D Financial is a full service factoring service provider (not all factors are full service).  Their services include:

Credit: They are your credit department

  • J&D Financial provides clients with an established line of credit for their customer.
  • Each month a credit report summarizing customer list with credit status is provided.

Bookkeeping: They are your bookkeeping department

  • Twice a month they will provide you with an aging of receivables.
  • Each week you will receive a report listing which receivables had been paid in the prior week.
  • You can also access your aging and payments at any time on line.

Funding: J&D Financial provides advanced funding

  • They will purchase the receivables at 70-80% advance rate.
  • They purchase the receivables on a recourse and non-recourse basis.
  • Each week customers receive an equity payment based on collections from the prior week.

Collection: We are your collection department

  • Full staff of trained collection representatives
  • Availability of collection staff to answer any and all questions.
  • In house legal department to handle any collection problems.
  • The collection staff is bi-lingual (English/Spanish).

Their full range of services provides each client with the access to fast and accurate factoring. When considering choosing a factor ask specifically what services are included and if services are extra. Many factors charge extra for credit work, mailing, running reports, etc. Their services are all inclusive, there are no hidden fees.

With over 30 years of experience J&D Financial has factored thousands of companies with:

  • Revenue from $5,000 to $2,000,000 per month.
  • Invoice size from $100 to $1,000,000
  • Start ups to established companies
  • Single accounts to customers with hundreds of accounts.

Want us to evaluate your company for factoring?
Please take a few moments to fill out our quick application. The quick application is to evaluate your company potential for factoring.   From this basic information J&D Financial can give a tentative quote.


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 All aspects of the Financial Services are provided, maintained, negotiated and managed directly by J&D Financial Corporation.

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