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Apparel Search Factoring offers international factoring to clients anywhere in the world.  The service will consider funding any transaction that includes:
  Example 1
An Italian manufacturer of high quality leather outerwear sells container loads to credit worthy U.S. customers (buyers). When we receive invoices and bills of lading that the goods have been shipped to the U.S. buyers, we will wire funds to the Italian manufacturer.


Example 2
 A Spanish swimwear company sells to a large Mexican retailer. The Mexican retailer is covered under J&D's export credit insurance policy. When the Mexican retailer acknowledges receipt of goods, funds will be wired to the Spanish swimwear company. 60 days later the Mexican Retailer will wire funds to J&D Financial as the factor to be paid
  Example 3

A U.S. textile machinery parts supplier sells to a Chilean Factory. Goods are shipped by air and all invoices are covered by credit insurance. When the Chilean Factory receives the goods, funds are advanced to the U.S. seller. 60-90 days later the Chilean Factory will wire funds to J&D Financial.

In almost all cases we will want the goods sold to foreign buyers to be covered by our export insurance policy. Coverage on the export policy is usually an additional 1.5% to the normal factoring charges. (Want to know more about Factoring Fees?
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Credit insurance is needed for international transactions due to lenient financial reporting requirements in foreign countries and the difficulty of obtaining quality foreign credit information.
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