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 Here you will find the Fashion Designer List Gadget.  You are welcome to add this fashion gadget to your fashion blog or any other type of fashion relevant website.

The code for placing this fashion designer list on your website is directly under the gadget below.  The below gadgets are all the same, but with different color borders.  Select the code from under the color version you like.

If you are adventurous...

If you want to change the size, you will see in the code w=250&h=258

If you change the number 250, you will change the width. If you change the number 258 you will change the height.

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Note: We offer ZERO support to help you add this script to your website.  We do NOT guarantee that the script will always work... We created this with the Google Gadgets API, and we are really not sure what we are doing...  Please use at your own risk...  Again, we take no responsibility... However, with that said, we like the Gadget and hope you do as well.. We did our best.

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