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Meinto Fashion Gives Big Box Retailers Competition
Fashion Article Posted November 14, 2011


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The U.S. version of the top-rated fashion site Miinto.dk in Denmark is set to launch in the United States as Meinto.com and will revolutionize the way people shop. Providing a unique experience of boutique shopping online, the site features all types of apparel and accessories from more than 100 local boutiques, something never before seen in the fashion industry.

The plan is to launch with 100 boutiques and hundreds of brand names. The boutique simply fulfills the orders that Meinto.com sends them, the folks running the site do everything else.

"We hire our own models, handle the product photography and all the marketing and advertising," said Justin Baynton, marketing director. "This is something innovative and new to the market. Sure, there are many multi-brand fashion retailers out there but none of them are connecting on a local scale."

Just like their Danish counterparts, Miami's Meinto.com empowers the local boutique to compete against chain stores and big box retailers by doing business through their site. "In a time when they are pushing local shops out of business, Meinto.com is a real game changer," he said.

Mike Radoor and Konrad Kierklo, co-founders of Miinto.dk in Denmark launched the online fashion and apparel retailer out of frustration really. Had they been able to find their favorite brands while traveling, the company would have never been born. It was because of this situation that in 2008 Kierklo and Radoor decided to start the online business and the rest his history.

Today, Miinto.dk is rated as the top online fashion and apparel retailer in Denmark. Their service is like no other and has yet to have any competition. The concept was to create an online portal of the best boutiques with the best brands from their favorite cities together under one site. At Miinto they sell all types of apparel and accessories and are fulfilling orders from those boutiques and giving the large malls a run for their money.

This same concept is set to launch in the United States in Miami, FL. The plan is to launch with 100 boutiques and hundreds of brand names. The boutique simply fulfills the orders that Meinto.com sends them, the folks running the site do everything else.

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