The Difference between Skinny Pants and Slim Pants

What is the difference between Slim & Skinny?

In regard to pants, the words "skinny" and "skinnies" is the same.  And the words "slim" & "slimming" are the same.  However, skinny and slim are differnt terms.

Skinny as in "skinny jeans" are tight fitting pants.  The fabric virtually hugs the legs, hips, butt, etc.  You can think of them sort of like leggings in the fact that they are tight to the body.

Slim as in "slim jeans", are close fitting pants.  They are cut with less fabric around the leg area than typical pants but they are not actually tight like a legging.

See examples of skinny & slim jeans.

Note: we use jeans as examples above, but these two versions of pant legs come in different types of pants as well.

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