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Google - News Search : this link will help you search for fashion from the Google site.  After you arrive to their site, you will have the option of typing other search requests into the directory.  We are leading you to the results of their search after inputting the keyword of fashion.  The Google search results is compiled from many sources and takes advantage of their wonderful search technology to search the internet for apparel news or fashion news.

Yahoo - News Search : the Yahoo! news search is similar function to the Google search.  However, they both have different algorithims (search technology) and therefore provide different results.  You may find much of the same news, but it is most likely not in the same order.  In addition, you may find you prefer one news engine over the other.  We will leave that for you to decide.

AllTheWeb - News Search : this site also searches the web for news relevant to numerous areas of interest.  Obviously our favorite searches are for textile news, fashion news, and apparel industry news.  This link will bring you to their fashion results.  If you do not find enough, try typing apparel or clothing in the engine.

Fashion Newspaper : the fashion newspaper site is not actually a search engine.  However, it is such an excellent resource for finding news relevant to apparel or fashion, we could not resist adding that site to this news guide.

World News - News Search - this news engine searching the internet for news in various categories.  Again, we have started you off with the search for fashion.

BBC - News Search : this search will search the BBC news website for fashion news from around the world.   It is our understanding that this engine will only search the news broadcasted by the BBC.

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