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Global Furs Launches Fashion

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Global Furs, North America's largest furrier, has just launched a range of fashionable furs and sports clothing in the first significant extension of the Global Furs brands. The Canadian-based company, which has almost a third of the North American Fur market, is currently in negotiations to license the Richmond, Virginia based dE AMECHI Apparel Group name. Under Global Furs, founders Rob Norris and Rodney Peterson have introduced their line of modish furs into the urban market in February 2002 at the MAGIC Convention in Las Vegas which produced over $2 million dollars in sales.

The dE AMECHI Apparel Group, which is minority owned, will also spearhead sales and marketing of their brand. The Midwest will be the first U.S. market for the new line, which will also be rolled out in other important markets worldwide.

The current range of styles include various fur types and denim trimmed with fur. February 2003 rollout will include jeans, sports clothing and other casual items for both men and women that will be sold through department stores and fashion outlets worldwide. dE AMECHI furs can be currently found in 300 upscale stores nationwide. There are expected to be variations in the 2003 apparel collection according to national tastes.

"The clothes will reflect our values of authenticity, legitimacy as a part of people's daily lives - they will be the kind of thing you'd wear when you’re out having a good time or just relaxing with friends.", says dE AMECHI Co-Founder, Rob Norris.

The dE AMECHI brand will include some products giving prominence to the logo, but it will also include "lesser branded" articles of clothing which it hopes consumers will buy because they associate the name on the label with the company's reputation for quality.

For more information, Contact: Rob Norris / Rodney Peterson Phone: 804 329 0200 Fax: 804 329 0600 deamechi@yahoo.com

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