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Knowing a famous person can help get you in, but it's not a requisite. Planet LuLu is an invite-only, top-fashion, women's clothing samples retail store. Sales are held every other Saturday in L.A.'s garment district. There's a long line to get in, and when the doors open...it's mayhem!

Now, Planet LuLu launches LuLu Shop Online! In taking its successful clothing samples retail store concept to the Web, LuLu establishes a virtual first: a wild sample sale, online. "Creating a sense of shopping urgency on the Web, like we have in our retail store, was the biggest challenge. The Nab-O-Meter -- a dynamic item counter placed directly next to each item -- helps maintain that urgency," says owner Noah Soltes.

LuLu Shop Online is open only 7 to 10 days per month, and you need to be on the guest list in order to receive an entry password. The bouncer at the virtual door is friendly. It takes less than one minute to register and anyone who signs in can shop online.

With 3,000 items from more than 30 top designers -- and often there's just a few of any one particular item -- LuLu Shop Online offers a virtual fondue of items, including: handbags, clothing, jewelry, pillows and accessories.

For additional information or a password to preview the online shopping site, please contact them at: (213) 747.2960 or by email at: jenny@planetlulu.com or noah@planetlulu.com

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