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Gerber Scientific Reporting Delayed

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Gerber Scientific, Inc. (NYSE: GRB) said that the release of its fiscal fourth-quarter and fiscal full-year results will be delayed to allow its auditors, KPMG, additional time to complete the audit of Gerber's financial statements included in the Form 10-K filing for the period ended April 30, 2002. The filing was previously expected to be made by August 13, 2002. The company expects to file its Form 10-K within two weeks.

"While we are eager to release the company's latest results, our auditors, KPMG, have informed us that they will require a short period of time to finalize their review of our Form 10-K filing, which includes restatements of certain prior periods," said Marc T. Giles, president and chief executive officer of Gerber Scientific.

As a result of the delay, Gerber also noted that it has contacted its bank syndicate in order to receive an extension of the time allowed to furnish certified financial statements.

About Gerber Scientific, Inc.

Gerber Scientific (http://www.gerberscientific.com/ ) is the world's leading supplier of sophisticated automated manufacturing systems for sign making and specialty graphics, apparel and flexible goods, and optical lens processing. Headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut, the company operates through four wholly owned subsidiaries: Gerber Scientific Products and Spandex PLC, Gerber Technology, and Gerber Coburn.

Safe Harbor Statement:

In addition to the historical information contained herein, there are matters discussed that are considered to be "forward-looking statements." The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides a "safe harbor" for forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, economic, competitive, governmental, and technological factors affecting the company's operations, markets, products, and services, that could significantly affect results in the future. For a discussion of other risk factors relating to the company's business, see the company's Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q for the quarters ended July 31, 2001, October 31, 2001, and January 31, 2002 and its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended April 30, 2001, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The forward-looking statements contained in this release are made as of the date of this release, and the company assumes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements contained in this release.

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