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CAD Training

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Los Angeles, California- TUKATECH is the first to provide complete CAD training for pattern making, grading, marker making and related areas via Internet. The training is available both in text format and videos via screen cams. The complete CAD software, as well as the lessons can be downloaded to personal computers. The users can learn and practice the entire functionality of TUKAcad at their own convenience.

The text lessons are in PDF format allowing people to view the lessons directly online, as well as save on their personal computers to view later. The text lessons provide step-by-step instructions for usage of tools of the TUKAcad software. Lessons provided are for TUKAdesign, TUKAgrade and TUKAmark.

Similar to the text lessons are the video lessons. The video lessons show step-by-step how to use multiple tools in the TUKAcad software. These videos can be paused at any time during viewing for a more complete understanding of the tool.

Scheduled for the year 2002 is the launch of TUKAweb, providing complete access to the TUKAcad software via Internet. Users will simply need a password to gain access to the software and will only be charged for the amount of time logged in. So now is the perfect time to learn TUKAcad for free online and be prepared once TUKAweb has been launched.

Of course for those who are anxious to utilize the software immediately but cannot afford to purchase the system, can do so at a TUKAcenter near them. TUKAcenters are similar to Kinko’s, but cater to the Sewn Goods Industry. The centers provide usage of the TUKAcad software and TUKAjet plotting machines, allowing manufacturers and freelance designers to do their work and pay on an hourly basis, day or night. Training classes are offered on the TUKAcad system for Pattern Design, Grading and Marking at $750 for the complete course. TUKAcenters also provide job works for those who do not have time to do everything on their own.

Log on to www.tukatech.com or www.tukaweb.com to download the free TUKAcad lessons. Once again, TUKATECH providing the Service you Deserve, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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