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Pass The Rock

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PASS THE ROC, an athletic apparel line inspired from the basketball courts, has become known for adding an intriguing new dimension to the concept of cross functional active clothing and on November 13, 2001 Puffy's Restaurant, Justin's hosts a sneak preview of PASS THE ROC Spring 2002. PASS THE ROC CEO, Mr. Jarrod Greene and Vice President/Head Designer, Ahmed Lago are confident that their line will continue to score major points with retailers and consumers worldwide. Designing for the "Urban Market," Greene and Lago feel that their new spring line is destined to be in a championship league of its own. Since 1997 this dynamic duo has offered athletes, celebrities, and men and women on and off the court innovative fashion and cutting edge silhouettes. Greene, a native of Jersey City, N.J. and one-time successful party promoter implemented years of extensive marketing and research before taking on this venture. Lago, a designer for FUBU and a graduate from the School of Visual Arts, worked with Greene on the initial creative concept for the PASS THE ROC clothing line. Lago says, "Our twist is our fashionable feel. We're not only using performance fabrics, but fashionable colors. In addition to a basketball jersey set made of nylon and velour, the simple cuts are sporty in classic nylon and mesh fabrics, not to mention there will be new surprising textures such as chenille, velour and boucle turning up on pullovers, warm-ups, jackets and drawstring pants." PASS THE ROC has graced several celebrities with their limited edition tee shirts such as hip-hop mogul Sean "P-Diddy" Combs and the Bad Boy family, Chico Debarge, Queen Latifah, Video Music Box host, Ralph McDaniels, Jay-Z, Magic Johnson, Basketball legend Terry Dehere, Roderic Rhodes, Jason Williams, Chris Webber, Kevin Garnett and many more. "We want to be considered the official basketball outfitters," says Greene, "then we want to dress the players when they come off the basketball courts."

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