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Shore To Shore is pleased to announce its newest product innovation; Shore-Lock. This product is used to fight against the ever-growing problem of counterfeiting and diversion of apparel companyís brands and images. Shore-Lock is an inexpensive yet effective way to combat a problem that weakens a brandís identity in the fashion marketplace, creates problems in customs and ultimately costs the apparel and retail industries billions of dollars each year.

Shore-Lock images are created to apply covert authentification to product packaging. These images are invisible to the naked eye and can only be viewed through a specialized decoder. This allows for product verification without expensive or bulky equipment and it gives apparel and retail concerns a legal tool to fight counterfeiting and diverted product.

For example, a major apparel company or retailer would make mandatory and instruct their manufacturers to buy all print packaging from Shore To Shore. Working in collaboration with STS, the apparel maker would assign each factory an ID# encrypted by the Shore-Lock process. Anytime one of these factories produces and sells unauthorized product not regulated by the apparel maker, the Shore-Lock encrypted ID# will point to which factory is the culprit and corrective action can be taken.

A simpler process would be to create an icon or season code image that would be covertly added. The specialized decoder can then be given to customs officials. If the product does not contain the agreed upon image then the incoming product can be flagged by customs as potentially counterfeit goods. There are other diversion and counterfeiting problems that can also be solved using the Shore-Lock product.

STS offers a full line of merchandise identification products as well as a growing base of information technology capabilities and services. STS designs and implements customized source-marking programs that meet the identification and branding requirements of manufacturers worldwide. STS product lines include woven labels, printed fabric labels, graphic hangtags, barcode price tickets, integrated hangtags, pocket flashers, joker tags, adhesive labels, sizer strips, carton labels and other custom apparel identification products.

STS full-service locations include Hong Kong / China, United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Guatemala and Bangladesh. Corporate headquarters and manufacturing are located in Miamisburg, Ohio, USA. Learn more about the capabilities of Shore To Shore on their website at www.shr2shr.com

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