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Taiwan Textile Federation is participating in the International Fashion Fabric Exhibition in New York, October 14 – 16, 2003. An in-depth view on Taiwan functional textiles featuring comfort, safety, and environmental friendliness will be on display during this trade fair. Benefits illustrated at TTF’s booth are high performance functionalities that are very competitively priced.

Four New Synthetic Fibers will be Introduced. A total of 36 manufacturers, including up-, mid- and down stream textile industries, collaborating with three leading R&D bodies--Union Chemical Lab of ITRI, China Textile Institute, and the Textile & Fashion Design Center of TTF-- jointly used the four new fibers and successfully developed more than 300 new multi-functional fabrics. The four new fibers are Polydron®-T4, Hydropore®, Polydron®-T3T and Polydron®-T3H. The functions and features of the four fibers are listed below:

n Polydron®-T4: presents wind-stop performance with paper-like appearance and harmonized light reflection.

n Hydropore®: offers optimal humidity absorption and sweat discharge and is lightweight.

n Polydron®-T3T: best performance of UV-CUT, humidity absorption and sweat discharge.

n Polydron®-T3H : wonderful performance of thermal preservation and lightweight.

A Certificate System of Taiwan Functional Textiles will be Announced. Either single or multiple functions are not conveniently or easily identified by international trade professionals due to those functions lacking of qualified recognition. TTF thus organized and promoted a certificate system which is, on one hand, in association with internationally well known inspection labs, including Intertek Testing Service and SGS, to build up testing services, and on the other hand, to collect a number of textile and chemical specialists to develop inspection standards for different functional performance. Therefore, Taiwan textile manufacturers can make use of this certificate system and prove their quality of functional textiles. So far, there are nine different standards developed for identifying the performance of functionalities. They are wrinkle-free cotton textiles, far infrared textiles, waterproof and breathable textiles, anti-bacterial textiles for apparel and home, anti-bacterial textiles for medical use, sun protective textiles, moisture absorption and quick drying textiles, anti-static textiles, and electromagnetic shielding textile for apparel and home. International trade professionals can be effectively benefited by reviewing and selecting all the functional textiles and then reach the qualified suppliers.

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