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Gerber Technology announces the launch of InfoMark Synchron™, the most cost efficient labeling solution available today. Installed on the Synchron™ GERBERspreader™, label application occurs away from the cutting system and doesn’t impact cutting efficiency.

InfoMark Synchron can place up to 25 labels per minute in virtually any rotational position, delivering significant throughput. Labels are automatically applied on the top or intermediate plies of a spread, providing valuable data to help simplify and accelerate the task of bundling parts. Placement accuracy is virtually guaranteed with Gerber’s SMS Spread Management System, an intelligent software package that controls all spread, label and cut instructions. In addition, tremendous material and labor savings are possible due to the elimination of plotter paper usage. As a result, operators are no longer required to handle plotted markers—freeing them up to focus on other tasks and to prepare for the next spread while labeling occurs automatically.

Pagh Mørup, a children’s apparel company in Denmark, has been a beta test site for the InfoMark™ and an active participant in the development process. “We’ve been experiencing substantial material and labor savings with the InfoMark Synchron since its installation four months ago,” stated Keld Sorensen, Factory Manager. “In fact, we anticipate payback on the system within one year—and this is taking into consideration paper savings alone. We’ve also determined that in the time it takes to apply the labels, our operators can complete the paperwork necessary to finish each spread and to prepare for the next one. This has never been possible before. We estimate labor savings of 14 percent per year if we were to install an InfoMark on all seven of our Synchron GERBERspreader systems.”

Additionally, Keld Sorensen commented, “The InfoMark Synchron has done a remarkable job in eliminating problems we’ve consistently experienced in the sewing area. Prior to its installation, it was easy to lose or mix up plotted markers and, as a result, incorrect parts and sizes would be sent to the sewing line. We’re now confident that the applied labels and their associated parts will make it to our sewers, streamlining our process even further.” InfoMark also allows labels to be affixed horizontally, vertically, or omitted if needed, as specified by the operator. Label information can be easily modified. Barcodes can be added and font sizes can be altered to further simplify the part identification and bundling process.

Gerber Technology offers a full line of fully automated Synchron spreaders designed to assure tension-free spreading of even the most difficult fabrics at speeds up to 100 m/min (110 yd/min). The Synchron TT (turntable) models, designed for spreading in pairs, are available for maximum fabric roll weights of 250 kg (550 lb). Other Synchron machines can spread a maximum fabric roll weight of 1000 kg (2200 lb). Please visit Gerber’s website to view a brief video clip and for additional information at http://www.gerbertechnology.com/gtwww/03Prods/cam/Infomark.htm.

InfoMark, Synchron, InfoMark Synchron and GERBERspreader are trademarks of Gerber Technology. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.


About Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology (www.gerbertechnology.com), a business unit of Gerber Scientific, Inc., is the world leader in providing integrated computer hardware and software systems to the sewn-goods and flexible goods industries. These systems significantly improve the efficiency of information management, product and pattern design, grading and marker making/nesting and material spreading, handling and cutting processes. The company offers automation solutions to a variety of industries including apparel, transportation, furniture, composites and industrial fabrics. Gerber Technology’s world headquarters is located in Tolland, Connecticut, U.S.A. with regional offices, agents and distributors serving more than 14,000 customers in 117 countries globally.

Established in 1968, Gerber Technology is one of four businesses of Gerber Scientific, Inc. (www.gerberscientific.com) of South Windsor, Connecticut, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the “GRB” symbol.

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