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Hispanic market represents opportunity for retailers

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The Hispanic market represents a tremendous opportunity for retailers and manufacturers. Many merchants have sought the Hispanic consumer for years, but after the 2000 Census findings they realized they had underestimated the size of the Hispanic market, which had surged 58% to 35 million during the 1990s.

K-Mart is banking on Thalia, a young Mexican pop star who will create an apparel collection, and next month Sears will introduce the Lucy Pereda line of dressy womenswear bearing the name of the Cuban-born TV personality, sometimes referred to as the Hispanic Martha Stewart because of her popular TV show “En Casa de Lucy”.

Who is this customer? What does she like to wear? What drives her purchasing decisions? How much does she spend, and what does she spend it on? What are her values? What type of marketing does she respond to?

Nicki Gondell, Director, Trend House (www.trendhouse.com), nyc, has surveyed the market and would be pleased to provide her insights into what appeals to today’s Hispanic woman.

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Lifesrtyle overview - Preserving the Culture: Assimilation vs. Acculturation Reaching the Market – who’s doing what now Brand Positioning, what works Moods and Style ------------------------ Fashion Inspirations, The Hispanic Mood:

Discreet femininity appeals to core cultural values, family, tradition and faith.

Soft: The message here is about softness and approachability. Romantic: A classic boudoir spirit promises romance. Feminine: The Hispanic woman embraces her femininity. Modest: Leaving something to the imagination Welcoming: Creating a warm and welcoming home. Alluring: A gentle hint of seduction Traditional: Traditional values and loving relationships Everyday Beauty: Making the ordinary extraordinary Vanity: Flawless hair, make-up and wardrobe Nurturing: Tender, affectionate and protective

A festive, flirtatious femininity and a zest for life, reflected by

Spirited: Positive energy and passion Vibrant: Bold and beautiful Colorful: Playful palettes Bright: Sun-drenched climates inspire vivid hues Exotic: Indigenous florals and fragrances add an exotic note Family-oriented: Fun-loving and family-focused Seductive: Making use of feminine wiles Glamour: Dressing up, feeling beautiful Shopper: Trend-aware and free-spending Stylized: Paying attention to every detail Bi-cultural: Freely mixing elements from both culture

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