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The article below is in reply to an article in The New York Times, Sunday...

”Is Fashion Still Cool?” The New York Times, Sunday, September 14, 2003


THE CENTER IS THE NEW EDGE Irma Zandl www.zandlgroup.com

“Cool” is getting a bad rap these days as even hipsters profess to be bored by themselves, downtown fashion designers are scrambling to get a piece of the action at Target and no-one has been able to figure out how to monetize what cool trendsetters are into or why tipping points don’t seem to add up to critical mass.

“cool” for the sake of cool is an artifice that is relevant primarily to the trendy media. So while it trains its collective eye on the heart of Williamsburg to discover the next fischerspooner, the most meaningful developments are actually percolating out of the heart of America. key to the development of these more popular and innovative activities and products is their liberation from the restraints of cool.

Marketers and advertisers will benefit from broadening their outlook. staying abreast of the new things surfacing in the center and creating communications and products that take these developments into account will be increasingly crucial as the hipster edge falls further into irrelevancy.

Some developments emerging from the center include:

Activities: mudbogging Renaissance festivals/ rpgs Paintball Pole dancing Professional bass fishing

Style: west coast choppers Beaters Freedom style Mr. cartoon tattoos Axe deo cologne

Food/bev: chipotle restaurants Bbq Michelob ultra Cotton candy/flavor Slim jims Blue food/beverages

Wheels : 3-wheeled cruisers Gas scooters Dodge hemi Stretch H2

Entertainment: monster garage/ jesse james Mun 2 lucha libre The OC

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