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ICICI Infotech Launches Product Tracking for Apparel Industry

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ICICI Infotech Inc., a global technology solutions company, has launched Product Tracking, a Web-based event management solution offering real-time information on every step in the global supply chain. Integrated with existing systems, the solution tracks the status of each stage, from development to shipment and delivery, reducing costs and production cycle times.

The latest module to be developed for Product Tracking is scanning and packing for easy online packing list creation. This enables factories to apply industry-standard UCC128 labels to shipping cartons, scan the labels with a handheld scanner, and generate an online packing list for real-time access. Real-time visibility also allows for pre-allocation of in-bound shipments before they arrive in the warehouse.

"Manufacturers need to act fast to meet demands and react to new trends. At ICICI Infotech we have designed applications specifically for the apparel industry, that can provide the level of detail required in real-time," said Vincent Candela, Vice President of Fashion Technology at ICICI Infotech. "While our solutions manage production and development through the entire supply chain, they are also very visual to suit our end users within fashion, for increased usability and productivity."

One of the first customers to implement the Product Tracking system with the new scanning and packing module is Weathervane, a specialty clothing retailer for teenage girls. "Bringing products to market is a long and complex process in fashion, but with accurate status information at each stage of the production cycle, manufacturers are better placed to respond, and therefore save time and money," said Mr. V. Srinivasan, Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Infotech Inc. "We have designed the Product Tracking system for the apparel supply chain with these unique needs in mind. It is part of ICICI Infotech’s strategy to develop industry-specific solutions to deliver better value."

About ICICI Infotech ICICI Infotech Inc. is the US arm of a global technology solutions company. It provides a wide range of IT services and solutions to financial, insurance, retail, manufacturing, and government organizations.

ICICI Infotech addresses the critical challenges of today’s business community with innovation and initiative, and delivers quality services and products that integrate and optimize technology. The company’s services are delivered through the use of seamless on-site and offshore project teams and strategic staffing solutions.

Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, ICICI Infotech also has an office in Farmington, Connecticut. For additional information visit: http://www.icici-infotech.com/us/

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