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TUKAcenter opens in Istanbul, Turkey

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The TUKAgroup announces the opening of TUKATECH offices and TUKAcenter in Istanbul, Turkey. The new office will cover regions including Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Macedonia, Syria, Jordan and Turkic Republics. TUKATECH Turkey, managed by MY Ltd. Co. will provide demonstrations, trainings, installations, service and support of all TUKAsystems and services by TUKAcenters.

“We are excited to be partners with a group who has the experience, an understanding of the needs and solutions for that market and have earned the reputations “as the solution providers”, a philosophy TUKATECH is built on”, says Ram Sareen, founder and Head Coach of TUKAgroup.

“Over the course of our negotiations, orientation and training we have noted that TUKATECH considers customer satisfaction above all. Having heard the customer comments personally, I should admit that TUKATECH deserves the market share they presently have”, Comments Omer Alayeyoglu, General Manager, MY Ltd. Co..

“Our goal, as MY Ltd. Co., is to represent TUKATECH successfully and to offer to our clients the reliable, user friendly and modern TUKATECH solutions,” adds Alaybeyoglu.

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