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Gadzooks Reports September 2003 Sales Results

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Gadzooks, Inc. (Nasdaq: GADZ) today announced that sales for the five weeks of fiscal September ended October 4, 2003 decreased 35.0 percent to $15.6 million from $24.0 million for fiscal September 2002. Comparable store sales decreased 32.5 percent for the September period, compared to a 6.8 percent decrease for fiscal September of 2002. For the first 35 weeks of fiscal 2003, total sales decreased 16.6 percent to $174.8 million from $209.5 million for the comparable period of fiscal 2002. Comparable store sales have declined 16.1 percent for the first 35 weeks of fiscal 2003, versus a 3.8 percent decrease for the first 35 weeks of fiscal 2002. For further details, please call 972-662-4201 to listen to Gadzooks' monthly sales commentary. Dallas-based Gadzooks is a specialty retailer of casual clothing, accessories and shoes for 16-22 year-old females. Gadzooks currently operates 412 Gadzooks stores and three Orchid stores, for a total of 415 stores in 41 states.

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