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Precision Fabrics Group Licenses Procter & Gamble's DEC Technology

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Precision Fabrics Group, Inc. (PFG) and The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) (NYSE:PG) today announced that PFG has licensed one of P&G's advanced technologies for woven and non-woven materials. Under this agreement, P&G's Differential Elongation Composite (DEC) technology will be used for PFG's new DiamondDry(TM) absorbent meat pads.

DEC is one of a suite of technologies, currently used in a variety of P&G's consumer products, which enhances the versatility of woven and non-woven materials making them applicable to a wide variety of uses from meat packaging materials to the textile industry.

PFG's new DiamondDry meat pads are an absorbent meat-packaging material made from FDA approved super-absorbent fibers. They are utilized in tray- packed meat, poultry and fish packaging to absorb water-based fluids like juice and blood that would otherwise be unsightly and a possible source of cross contamination.

"DEC technology will allow us to deliver high absorbency and fluid retention with a more consumer-friendly appearance than traditional meat- packaging products," said Walt Jones, PFG co-CEO & president. "The performance properties offered by DEC technology will also enable meat processors to use DiamondDry to better address the issue of consumer health problems related to cross-contamination of food from packaged meat and poultry."

"PFG's DiamondDry meat pads are a perfect example of how the benefits of our DEC technology can be extended to a broader consumer base and used to meet a multitude of consumer needs," said Jeffrey B. Hamner, manager, P&G corporate R&D.

This is the latest in a number of external business agreements struck by P&G. Consistent with P&G's strategy to achieve greater commercial returns from it's R&D investments and brand equities, these deals are designed to combine P&G's trademarks, technology and/or know-how with best-in-class outside companies to deliver mutually positive business results.

About Precision Fabrics Group

Greensboro, North Carolina, USA-based Precision Fabrics Group, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures value-added fabrics and laminates for customers in consumer, medical and industrial markets worldwide.

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