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Photoshoot Installation Party presented by redblue

From: ASAP


ALL CHANGE is a live fashion photoshoot installation and electrosexy London Fashion Week party

Venue: Disused tube station- Aldwych disused Tube station, The Strand, entrance on Surrey st. Nearest tube: Temple

DJ JONNY (www.nagnagnag.info)

Date: Saturday 15th February 2003 Time: 10pm-3am

Live fashion shoot directed by Sally Jean Rankin featuring fashion labels:

BIKINI Commercial Underground Levi’s Limited Edition Jacey Withers Conor Wilson

The photoshoot installation will be held amongst the electric surrounds of sleazy DJ sounds and explicit posing, featuring a mix of models, motorcycles, and you!

Dress: London Fashion Week goes electric underground. ALL CHANGE.


Fashion Buyers welcome from 9pm -10pm.

Press welcome from 10pm to view live photoshoot installation.

Public Tickets available for £15.00 10pm-3am. Call to reserve:

For all tickets and to RSVP contact:

Elisa @ redblue Ph: 0208 762 0897 Fx: 0208 749 4546 E: elisa@redblue.tv

Motorcycles: Ducati’s sponsored by Home House Motorcycle Society Make-up: Georgina Graham (editor Sleazenation) Spray Art: Artomatic Customised pieces: Jasper Goodall for BIKINI Photographers: from Webber represents Models: Sparkle, Motorbike girl, Malibu Stacey, Roxy BIKINI Designer Louise Middleton was inspired to produce her first range due to lack of sophisticated and sexy bikinis on the market. Think Ursula Andres, Sophia Loren, sophisticated seventies divas, Biba, the Maldives, Capri, fast cars and bikes and svelte Italian beauties. Fans of the label: Naomi Campbell, Jade Jagger, Caprice and Princess Supa Star. Available at: Co Co de Mer, Britism, The Cross, Bare, Oyster, Musa, eg butterfly.

Commercial Underground The Commercial Underground T-shirt label offers consumers a new style that is cool, exciting, controversial and unique. Purchasing one T-shirt, is normally not enough to keep their fans satisfied. The T-shirt designs are items of ‘cultural propaganda’ and can be seen as social statements to be worn by those who consider themselves confident, daring and cheeky with a bold sense of humour. Fans of the label: the Beckhams, Gwen Stefani, Jamie Oliver. Available at: Liberty, Selfridges, Duffer, Harvey Nichols

Conor Wilson Conor Wilson creates a range of mixed media paintings, sketches, murals and customised items for commissions. Customised snowboards, surfboards, and helmets can be uniquely painted to personal specifications using the ‘House of Kolor’ system. Conor will be showcasing his painted helmets at the event.

Jacey Withers Jacey’s jewellery collections include the use of non-traditional materials and the juxtaposition of the natural with the man-made, together with his predilection for creative use of colour. Each season Jacey produces a womenswear collection and a diffusion range ‘Jacey’ . He also produces a menswear collection distinguished by its ‘JC Withers’ label. Available at: Selfridges, Liberty, Jess James, D-mop

Exclusive customised fashion and art pieces This live fashion photoshoot installation will feature customised clothing, helmets, trainers, denimwear and accessories by the likes of Jasper Goodall. The event will also feature one-off artpieces created by Sally Jean Rankin using a novel silhouette technique as the backdrop for a fashion inspired spontaneous spray paint artwork. Conor Wilson will exhibit customised helmets at the photoshoot.

Disused Tube Station The shut-down, disused Aldwych Tube station will provide a unique, haunting venue for ‘ALL CHANGE’. The underground location has been secretly used over the years for art installations and movie scenes, including the latest James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’. The team at redblue will see it take on new life, as the space plays host to the many activities within ‘ALL CHANGE’. Elevators will be transformed into photoshoot sets, corridors into art studios, ticket stalls into DJ rooms and phone booths to voyeuristic model changing spaces. Entrance is on Surrey St. At 10pm the photoshoot is open to the public where the people can pose with the models, motorcycles and DJ Jonny sleazy yet strangely sexy acquaintances.

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