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Jordache Appoints National Sales Manager

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Cliff Lelonek, President of U.S. Polo Association, a division of Jordache Enterprises, today announced the appointment of Donna Benabou as National Sales Manager, Girl's Sportswear Division for the USPA brand.

Ms. Benabou will begin employment this week.

"Donna Benabou has what it takes to make U.S. Polo Association the most sought after girl's brand by mid-tier retail, department and chain stores nationwide. She's the perfect fit to our fast-growing girl's division," said Lelonek.

A former National Sales Manager with Union Bay, Benabou has amassed impressive sales achievements at other teen labels. At Guess Inc.? she increased national sales volumes at the Women's Divisions to $250 million. Benabou was also responsible for re-launching the Pepe Jeans brand nationally. And at CK-Jeans-Warnaco, she improved inventory turnover by 70% at the Junior's Divisions in just 15 months.

As new General Manager, Benabou's first objective will be to delve into U.S. Polo Association's product line to identify the latest styles that best fit and flatter a demographic she's coined as "the new niche in the group."

"There is a void out there," says Benabou. "These days, younger girls and 'tweens' looking for age-appropriate stylish clothing don't have much to choose from.

"Many early and mid-teen girls want to be cutting edge, but not necessarily the fastest edge. They want jeans that will cover their underwear line," explains Benabou.

Benabou also recognizes the importance of parents in the selling equation.

"More and more parents have been expressing concern about younger children dressing too much like their big sisters. U.S. Polo Association offers the full package. Fun, flirty, cutting-edge and confident fashions for girls, while allowing parents to feel comfortable with their children's clothing selections," she said.

U.S. Polo Association is one of Jordache Enterprises' fastest growing sportswear brands sold nationwide. The line offers fashion-forward jeans, t- shirts, polo shirts and accessories sold under the license of the official sanctioning body in the United States for the sport of Polo.

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