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Interactive Swimwear Fashion Show

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Maillot Baltex Inc., one of North America's leading women's swimwear companies, has taken another innovative step by launching the very first interactive swimwear fashion shows on the Internet. The cutting-edge fashion shows, featuring the 2002 Baltex, BODY I.D., and Be Creative by BODY I.D. collections, are designed to make it easier for women to purchase swimwear, which is difficult to choose in-store. This technological advance, designed in cooperation with Compuware and Bell, was announced at a press conference today in Montreal. Interactivity is this year's innovation. At http://baltex.com (for the Baltex brand) and http://bodyid.com (for the BODY I.D. and Be Creative by BODY I.D. brands), consumers can now view the fashion shows and pause them at any time to find detailed information on the swimwear of their choice. The sites, which made a splash last year with the introduction of the first-ever virtual fashion shows, attract an average of 40,000 visitors a month and are user-friendly. During the 2002 fashion shows, consumers can click on the photos corresponding to the runway models and access the collections catalog to find out more about sizes and colors available and obtain a list of retailers carrying these collections. Then they can easily return to the fashion show where they left off, until another style catches their eye! "This innovation will make it simpler for women to buy swimwear -- one of the most challenging items of clothing to purchase," said Steven Balit, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Maillot Baltex. "Once they have already made their initial selection in the privacy of their homes, it will be much easier to make their final choice in the fitting room." The fashion shows, shot in front of a live audience, feature virtual effects and an exclusive soundtrack that were added in post-production to match the spirit of each of the three Maillot Baltex collections.

Maillot Baltex Inc. Founded in 1983, Maillot Baltex is one of the North America's five largest swimwear manufacturers. The creator of the Baltex, BODY I.D. and Be Creative by BODY I.D. brands, as well as private labels brands for major retailers, the family-run business sells over 7 million items a year. Maillot Baltex employs 800 people at its Montreal head office, its manufacturing facilities in Quebec and its offices in New York City and Wilmington, Ohio.

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