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Shore To Shore Introduces SHR2SHRPROOF.COM

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Shore To Shore is pleased to announce itís newest service offering. SHR2SHRPROOF.COM is a revolutionary online asset management system that allows you to proof, revise and manage all of your artwork throughout the various phases of development. It is handled on a global platform which results in significantly reduced development time for all of your merchandising needs. No longer do you have to wait days for artwork to be shuffled back and forth from location to location. SHR2SHRPROOF.COM allows you to simply request revisions online and post them back to your creative designer in a matter of seconds.

Using innovative image streaming technology, SHR2SHRPROOF.COM allows the user to view gigabytes of original full-resolution output files within seconds. It takes the guesswork out of the design and proofing process of your brand packaging. By using SHR2SHRPROOF.COM, correction cycles are shortened, errors are minimized and your overall production time and expenses are significantly reduced. Users can simultaneously view, mark-up and annotate on screen. All users can immediately view these annotations. An email notification automatically alerts participants to changes and provides them with a direct link to the noted artwork.

You no longer have to worry if what youíre expecting is really what youíre going to get. In addition, the very nature of SHR2SHRPROOF.COM is an artwork management system available 24/7. All files are archived and available for you to view at a momentís notice. It is a web-based, cross platform system that takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to use and navigate. To request a demo, please email us at Proof@Shr2Shr.com.

STS offers a full line of merchandise identification products as well as a growing base of information technology capabilities and services. STS designs and implements customized source-marking programs that meet the identification and branding requirements of manufacturers worldwide. STS product lines include woven labels, printed fabric labels, graphic hangtags, barcode price tickets, integrated hangtags, pocket flashers, joker tags, adhesive labels, sizer strips, carton labels and other custom apparel identification products.

STS full-service locations include Hong Kong / China, United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Guatemala and Bangladesh. Corporate headquarters and manufacturing are located in Miamisburg, Ohio, USA. Learn more about the capabilities of Shore To Shore on their website at www.shr2shr.com


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