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Body by Arty Design/Accessoria

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A HOT and haute new line of accessories, Body by Arty Design (or B.A.D.), was recently launched by a young, self-taught designer; D. McPherson. B.A.D. is as edgy and will be as avant as it gets; while still appealing to the girl next door. Think of Sid and Nancy times Britney Spears. However, ladies who lunch are not left out. The line consists mainly of uncommonly bold pieces of sterling silver (such as extra-large Bohemian hoops with huge cross charms as dangles); but the line will soon show handmade leather bags/accessories; and strikingly spangled denim jackets and tees.

D. McPherson's love for design; in particular, graphic design, really shines through in this collection; and in everything else done. Register to see the designer accessories at: www.accessoria.net/bad/cover.htm. Also, she is an amateur but prolific web designer with this site as her on-line portfolio: www.artydesign.com. A project that she is especially proud of is the on-line fashion and shopping directory, Fashion Show (www.fashionshow-net.com). Invitation is given to any fashion-related site to add their link to Fashion Show's prestigious listings. Body by Arty Design will also be representing other talented designers in the near future. For further information you are invited to inquire at: accessoria@usa.net.

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