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Supply Chain for LeatherXchange

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Covast Corporation, a provider of integration software that enables connectivity in weeks or even days, today announced that it is enhancing the functionality of LeatherXchange, the service provider for the global leather industry. Covast will connect the back office applications of LeatherXchange directly to its e-community.

LeatherXchange provides the leather industry with online marketplaces, sector information and offline services including inspection and collaborative software. The Barcelona-based organization targets major footwear and leather products manufacturers and other industry players.

LeatherXchange uses Covast's eCommunity Builder to provide a common communications channel for each company and its suppliers, eliminating the confusion caused by numerous forms, phone calls, faxes and e-mails.

"LeatherXchange was looking for a cost-efficient solution aimed purely at connectivity -- a generic interface for our internally developed supply chain software," said LeatherXchange IT Director Cees de Gruyter. "Covast's eCommunity Builder proved to be the most flexible and easy to use solution connecting our clients' back office applications to our e-commerce platform. Thanks to Covast's eCommunity Builder, LeatherXchange can help its clients to unlock the potential of their legacy systems, thus providing new possibilities for increasing efficiency, lowering costs and expanding business opportunities."

"One shoe brand had to deal with numerous factories, each of which worked with numerous tanneries which all traded with various raw material suppliers -- a real supply chain entanglement!" said Stuart Facey, Covast senior vice president and general manager for EMEA. "With Covast's eCommunity Builder, LeatherXchange can now connect to any party independent of the format and the communication protocol, strongly enhancing their offering to the leather market."

About Covast

Covast provides integration software that enables connectivity in weeks or even days and at half the cost of other solutions. The Covast eCommunity Builder suite of products simplifies the complexity of transforming and sharing information with your customers, supply chain and internal systems. Covast specializes in solving complex integration challenges including data transformation, content-based routing and trading partner management. With European headquarters in the Netherlands and U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Covast has more than 70 customers worldwide including ABN AMRO, ADC, Ahrend, KLM, and ING. For more information, visit http://www.covast.com/ .

About LeatherXchange

LeatherXchange (leatherXchange.com ) is a pioneer in the $110 billion worldwide leather industry. The company provides a full range of services throughout the entire leather value chain to a sector that includes some 170,000 companies. It offers online buying and selling transaction services (market places), as well as leather industry content such as news and market trend reports, inspection and operational support offline services, and supply-chain management software. Founded in 1999 by leather industry professional Jose R. Suarez, LeatherXchange, with approximately 500 Members in more than 40 countries, has its headquarters in Barcelona and locations in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States.

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