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Antibacterial Textiles

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BioShield Technologies, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: BSTI) ; (http://www.bioshield.com/ ) announced today that Higgins Industries, Inc. (http://www.bfxtextiles.com ) has signed a licensing agreement to use BioShield's patented Antimicrobial technology in their successful BFX line of 100% cotton products as well as those blended with LYCRA. Additionally Higgins Industries has opened an industrial chemical division to market, sell and distribute BioShield's antimicrobial products.

"This agreement opens a new line of products to our clients including governmental and industrial entities which never before had the technology to eliminate pathogens microorganisms contaminating the environment, ...it further enhances our business to have an alliance with BioShield on such great new technology that goes beyond the world of textiles," said Tom Higgins, President of Higgins Industries, Inc.

"This product represents another step toward our goal of ensuring antimicrobial inhibition and control in our projects to supply and enhance the well being and safety of our armed forces and environment," said Evan Singer, Director of the Governmental Affairs division of Higgins Industries.

Dr. Marcelo D. Villahoz, Vice President of Sales BioShield, stated, "Our business development partnership with Higgins Industries is the result of discussions that began some 13 months ago between our two firms and is a small demonstration of BioShield's commitment to enhancing shareholder value by focusing on licensing-out our core technology."

Higgins Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of primarily knitted apparel products that include tees, polo shirts, active apparel and sweatshirts. The BioShield products are consistent with Higgins Industries commitment to environmentally sound technology. In 1990 they were honored at the United Nations by UNEP and the Fashion Guild, and received acknowledgement in 1997 from the President's Council on Sustainable Development for their development of environmentally sound textile chemicals. Higgins introduced a UV sun protective clothing process called "BFX". Certified and tested by International UV Testing Laboratories at Auburn University, this BFX process has received a 50+UPF rating, the highest International rating level available. It is estimated this year that in the United States, Melanoma cases will reach 47,700 with deaths of 7,700. It is the fastest growing of all cancers, and among all accidental deaths it has experienced the largest percentage of increase from 1986 -1996, 22%. Textiles treated with the BFX protection block 98%-99% of the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays.

BioShield Technologies, Inc., is a Norcross Georgia based emerging growth company focused in biotechnology and antimicrobial products. Its core business is committed to the discovery, development, marketing and sale of surface-modifying antimicrobial and biostatic products. The company's antimicrobial technology is a revolutionary alternative to conventional sanitizers, disinfectants, bleaches, biocides or preservatives primarily because it kills bacteria, including HIV, on contact and can remain active for extended time periods. To date BioShield has received three US patents and eight EPA registrations, including the first U.S. germ killer and disinfectant against Salmonella cholerasuis, Staphylococcus aureus and other microorganisms. The company has developed several alliances in different industries, such as healthcare, textiles and storm water.

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