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Cottage Industry Keeps Manufacturing Jobs in the USA

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Niche Wear International takes a unique approach to business-doing their part to revitalize cottage industry manufacturing in the USA. Their patented product, SUV Jacket(TM), has the ability to transform from a-stylish outerwear jacket-to a jacket/backpack combo-to a sole backpack-then reverses for another look. Although labor intensive, due to the high quality and complexity of the design, Niche Wear is committed to manufacturing their jacket domestically and creating jobs lost to offshore labor.

Founder Jerry Johnson states, "Having been in the manufacturing industry for more than thirty years, I know how it works. While consumers snap up products made offshore, they do not always put faces with the severely affected American apparel worker. Jobs that could be kept in our country are sent elsewhere. With the SUV Jacket(TM), we have found ways to cost effectively manufacture a high-quality proprietary jacket with workers in the United States. Using independent tailor qualified seamstresses to cut and sew garments has been a very effective strategy for our company."

These independent seamstresses come from a tailor trained and professional sewing background, allowing for more complex manufacturing. A tailor seamstress typically uses industrial quality machinery and prefers working in a studio environment to the more robotic-driven factory.

The patented jacket targets the active lifestyle consumer interested in attractive outdoor wear with the built-in convenience of storage via many pockets and backpack feature. It is only available on the Internet at www.suvjacket.com , and will soon be offered with a variety of customized options. Check the website or call Jerry Johnson at 602-375-0511 for more information.

About The Company

Arizona resident and ASU graduate Jerry Johnson has spent over 30 years in the apparel industry. Because of extensive experience in this field, his ventures have included founding companies both domestically in New York, and offshore in Turkey, Hong Kong, Brazil, and France. However, a deep belief that environmentally clear domestic manufacturing, such as apparel, offers not only an opportunity for misplaced apparel workers but can be a great benefit to the United States economy. Solely distributing over the Internet, Niche Wear offers affordable products with both a functional and aesthetic value. All products are backed by a thirty-day unconditional guarantee.

Source: Niche Wear International

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