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Smart and Secure Tradelanes (SST), an end-to-end security and information network for global ocean cargoes, announced today that GTN, the industry leading ocean transportation portal powered by technology from logistics software company GT Nexus, has joined the rapidly growing international consortium.

Yesterday’s announcement was made jointly by GT Nexus and the Strategic Council on Security Technology, a global resource and catalyst for supply chain security that was instrumental in the launch of Smart and Secure Tradelanes last summer. SST leverages the software and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and infrastructure built for the U.S. Department of Defense’s Total Asset Visibility network, which is compliant with international RFID technology standards and is the world’s largest active RFID cargo tracking system. “While there has been a concerted effort to improve container security, today’s maritime supply chain suffers from physical security gaps that can put cargo at risk,” noted John Urban, president of GT Nexus. “SST provides a framework to reduce these risks. By marrying best-in-class logistics software with advanced physical asset tracking technology, we can close these security gaps and deliver a solution to shippers that improves cargo security and drives efficiencies into their transportation processes.”

“With GTN as an active participant, SST gains access to a proven industry portal that’s integrated with and deployed across some 45 percent of the world’s container shipping capacity,” said Lance Trebesch, executive director of the Strategic Council on Security Technology, which made today’s announcement. “Members of SST benefit from a secure transaction platform with best-in-class software for managing ocean transportation, from procurement through cargo tender to final delivery.”

An overwhelming 95 percent of the world’s freight travels over the ocean, forming the backbone of the global trade economy. Effective management of ocean transportation involves close coordination and sharing of information between shipping lines, tens of thousands of importers and exporters, and a host of other service providers across the globe. The GTN/SST partnership is expected to benefit global shippers – importers, exporters and freight forwarders -- through closer linkage of logistics information processes with the latest technologies for pinpointing the global movement of cargo containers.

Trade security initiatives like SST continue to gain momentum, especially as shippers and carriers are forced to comply with new regulations like US Customs 24-hour Manifest Rule. “SST is noteworthy because it brings together existing and proven technologies to help enable new and more secure business processes. From this perspective, the addition of GT Nexus is not surprising,” said Adrian Gonzalez, senior analyst, supply chain for ARC Advisory Group.

“The company is a significant player in the ocean transportation space, serving both shippers and carriers, and its solutions complement the capabilities that Savi Technology and the other SCST members provide; hence, the addition of GT Nexus strengthens SST and creates a more complete trade security solution.”

Since it was launched last summer, Smart and Secure Tradelanes has attracted more than 40 partners, encompassing the world’s leading port operators, major shippers, and best-of-breed ocean cargo service and solution providers

The partnership emphasized that SST will benefit from the expertise GT Nexus has gained through its extensive shipper-carrier base on the GTN portal, and the company’s experience building and deploying large-enterprise software projects. GT Nexus, in turn, will benefit from SST’s global information network, using systems developed by Savi, that provide real-time data on the physical location, status and integrity of shipments.

The infrastructure is designed to be flexible and open to complementary technologies, which is enabled through the unique integration of a wide variety of automatic identification technologies and devices such Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based electronic seals, GPS systems, sensors and biometric access controls with a global security network.

SST’s network is leveraging the technology and infrastructure of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Total Asset Visibility (TAV) system, which deploys RFID and software as the world’s largest wireless tracking system for cargo. To date, SST has implemented its global information network at major seaports worldwide, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Seattle-Tacoma, Los Angeles-Long Beach, New York-New Jersey, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Felixstowe. Hundreds of “smart and secure” containers equipped with electronic seals that automatically transmit information on their location and security status have been shipped between many of these ports.

Partners in this industry-driven initiative include port operators Hutchison Port Holdings, P&O Ports, and PSA Corporation -- which together manage 70 per cent of world ocean trade – shippers such as Target Corporation, and solution providers such as Savi Technology, SAIC, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Sandler, Travis Trade Advisory Services. About GT Nexus GT Nexus is a leading provider of global logistics and supply chain software. The company’s products enable enterprises and third party logistics providers to optimize and manage the flow of goods and information through a single platform, from order point to final delivery, anywhere around the globe. GT Nexus serves global customers across industries with a comprehensive and integrated offering that spans and links three critical activity areas: multi-modal transportation management, global supply chain visibility, and performance management. GT Nexus technology also powers GTN - the world’s leading portal for the ocean transportation industry. Launched in April 2001 and backed by a consortium of global carriers based in Europe, Asia and the Americas, GTN provides access to over 45 percent of the global market for containerized shipping. For more about GT Nexus and the GTN Portal, visit www.gtnexus.com. About the Strategic Council on Security Technology The Strategic Council on Security Technology is an international assembly of top executives from the world’s largest port operators, major logistics technology providers, four-star generals, former public officials and prominent transportation consultancies. Acting as an international resource, the Strategic Council on Security Technology is committed to helping ensure greater supply chain security through best-of-breed practices and technologies while working with a variety of other industry associations. More information can be found at www.scst.info.

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