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Apparel Search Launches New Web Site for Modeling Industry

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The Clothing Model web site (http://www.clothingmodel.com/) was launched in February 2005, as a new division of the Apparel Search Company LLC. This newly created interactive web site has been designed specifically to education viewers in regard to the world of MODELING AND BEAUTY. The Clothing Model web site is most accurately classified as a B2B Portal / Directory for the Modeling Industry. Our directory is vast and growing on a continuous basis, as is the modeling industry in general. Although the site will take a few years to reach its potential, we have been told that we are off to a good start.  The goal of ClothingModel.com is not only to become the most widely utilized directory in the modeling industry, we are also eager to be the most convenient and easy to navigate directory. Although we may or may not be the largest we certainly plan to become an industry favorite.   In addition to the Clothing Model B2B Directory, the Apparel Search Company also maintains a fashion industry web site called Apparel Search that can be viewed at http://www.apparelsearch.com/. The Apparel Search web site directory is one of the leading international fashion portals. In addition to fashion and textiles, the Apparel Search directory also currently has an existing section for models and modeling related services.  Although the Apparel Search Company already has a modeling section on the Apparel Search web site, we have determined that it is not as advanced nor as broad in scope as the Clothing Model web site. The "Clothing Model" and "Apparel Search" web sites will run on entirely separate databases and offer independent and unique services. In time, we may determine that it is appropriate to eliminate the existing Apparel Search "model section" and replace it with the new and improved Clothing Model directory. Until that time, both databases will continue to develop simultaneously as separate and unique directories.   In an effort to maintain efficiency and not overlap our business entities, the Clothing Model and Apparel Search divisions have been assigned distinguishing characteristics and guidelines as follows:   Clothing Model web site is a business to business guide for the Modeling Industry and related Beauty Products & Model Related Services. The Clothing Model B2B directory is focused primarily on Models, Photographers, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Modeling Agencies, PR Companies, Event Planners, Cosmetic & Perfume Suppliers etc.) One of the many new services provided by the Clothing Model web site is the Model Industry Classified Message Board system. This messaging system is for members of the modeling industry to post classified ads that are relevant to Modeling & Beauty related topics. This is a FREE service. You can view the free classifieds section at http://www.ClothingModel.com/models   Apparel Search web site is a business to business guide for Clothing, Fashion and Textiles. The site covers all aspects of the fashion industry including modeling related issues. However, the primary focus of Apparel Search is directed more toward the quote un quote "business" side of the apparel industry (in all honesty, the more boring side of the industry...). For example, the Apparel Search web site is focused on daily business details such as Customs Clearance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Clothing Retailing, Clothes Wholesalers, Pattern Making, Trim Availability (buttons, threads, zippers...) etc. Although Apparel Search will touch upon fashion and beauty, the primary direction of the portal is geared toward manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing clothing and the business functions that go along with these categories.   In short, the Clothing Model web site is classified as a B2B Portal / Directory for the Modeling Industry and should not be misinterpreted as a modeling agency. Modeling Agencies serve a very specific role, and we are not currently servicing models in the same capacity as a models agency. In fact, we do not directly communicate with models on a personal level. Although we assist models "indirectly" with the advancement of their careers, we do not do so in the same fashion as a modeling agency. Essential, we assist models by providing them easy access to the proper tools that will allow them to self promote. In summary, the Clothing Model web site is simply a business to business directory created to assist models, photographers, stylists, designers etc., complete daily tasks and locate appropriate companies and services that are important to the industry of modeling.   If you can think of ways in which we can improve your experience on the Clothing Model web site, please do not hesitate to inform us of your suggestion. It is our primary mission, to keep you happy... If you are searching for a particular category and can not currently find adequate information on the Clothing Model web site, please let us know so that we can make improvements.   Thank you for taking the time to visit the Clothing Model web site. We appreciate your time and value you as a viewer.   Best regards, http://www.clothingmodel.com/

Posted March 2005

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