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These Dogs are Running Wild

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The City of Angels has a new pack of dogs running wild, with the release of a line of boys clothing called "InDogNation". The line features wild and wacky canine characters on a bright and colorful palate for boys age 2-7. InDogNation is a compilation of images focusing on the interests and hobbies of boys, featuring screen-printed shirts and coordinated bottoms. The cast of characters can be found on-line at www.indognation.com where the Nation is developing into a whimsical boy’s playground complete with games and contests. InDogNation was released in Los Angeles for spring 2002, followed by the New York Children’s Club who hosted their introduction into the fall 2002 season. In preparation for the holiday season, InDogNation has released a gift-packaging concept, called Funny Bones that is sure to capture the attention of consumers looking for unique apparel gift ideas. InDogNation uses creativity and charming artwork in its children’s apparel concepts, sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of young children. For more information please call (888) 324-8927.

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