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Ship 'n Shore Repositioned

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Ship 'n Shore, Favorite Consumer Brand, Repositioned For `The Rush to Moderate'

BERWYN, Pa., May 6 -- Ship 'n Shore, the women's apparel brand, has returned to its original owners, following the purchase by SWC Enterprises, Inc. of Berwyn, PA. This was announced today by Joel Schwartz, the great grandson of the founder, Samuel Netzky.

Mr. Schwartz, SWC's President, indicated the company's intention to launch an intensive licensing effort. "The Company will capitalize on the brand's remarkable resiliency which was evidenced by recent retail success as well as freshly completed, comprehensive, consumer research findings which recorded unanimous brand awareness and positive imagery."

Mr. Schwartz went on to say that "the Ship 'n Shore brand is uniquely positioned to offer the moderate customer instant acceptability based upon its heritage and equity, while it addresses her feelings of disenfranchisement and disappointment in present styling and value offered. We have identified through our shopper and industry research that the Ship 'n Shore woman sees herself as `forever young', but is frustrated with her current choices where youthful styling means impossible fit, and comfortable fit means dowdy style."

"We strongly believe in our vision that today's typical American woman, on whom several generations of success were built, would be responsive to an updated merchandise concept proportioned to meet her body, her lifestyle and her pocketbook," said Paula Spiegel, Chairman of SWC and granddaughter of Ship 'n Shore's founder. "Sportswear manufacturers and traditional retailers are struggling for solutions to meet this increasing demand, and the Ship 'n Shore brand profile and strategy is ideally suited to answer their needs."

Founded as the Susquehanna Waist Company in 1916, the Ship 'n Shore brand became nearly iconic, synonymous with classic tailored blouses desired by American women of all ages. Family-owned until 1977, when it was purchased by General Mills, Ship 'n Shore had most recently been owned and marketed exclusively through Montgomery Wards, from whom the family purchased the Ship 'n Shore assets.

SWC Enterprises, Inc., based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, is a marketer, licensor and manager of the Ship 'n Shore women's apparel brand.

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