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Zweave and OptiTex Partner to Develop, Deliver and Support Apparel Industry 3D Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

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Zweave, Inc., a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services and OptiTex, Inc., a 3D and 2D CAD software provider, today announced their partnership aimed at enabling apparel designers and manufacturers to strategically leverage 3D CAD and Anthropometric PLM solutions addressing 3D data management and fit collaboration. Zweave and OptiTex jointly agreed to promote their combined set of services and solutions, comprised of Zweave’s Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management (CPLM™) capabilities and OptiTex’s 3D Design and 2D CAD tools. This partnership will help integrate for the first time Optitex’s 2D and 3D design tools with Zweave’s FitCOMM™ and Anthro-CPLM™ Solution suite, enabling apparel designers and manufacturers to maximize product development efficiencies and create Anthropometric Virtual Models, patterns and Fit Workspaces.

Designers and Manufacturers worldwide face rapid product development cycle times, heightened global competition and discerning consumers who demand better fitting products. To capitalize on this convergence of forces, product development organizations need new technologies and business models that integrate Anthropometric data with pattern making, fit testing, technical specification and requirement gathering. By transforming their businesses to become more integrated and responsive, Designers and Manufacturers have the ability to make better design decisions, impact product cost and top line margins. The Zweave and OptiTex joint offering will allow them to leverage 3D CAD and pattern making within a Product Lifecycle Management environment to increase the visibility of product data from concept to store shelves.

“Designers and Manufacturers require new solutions and strategic investments in their business processes,” said Yoram Burg, President, OptiTex, USA. “The product development organizations who will thrive are those who choose to leverage 3D technologies in their current business processes to accelerate time to market, increase operational efficiencies and address the issue of consumer fit. As a result of this alliance, Zweave and OptiTex will be combining leading solutions, technology, services, innovation, best practices and infrastructure to provide product development organizations with a unique advantage across their design and manufacturing processes.”

The joint Zweave and OptiTex solutions and services can help Apparel product Development organizations reduce their total cost of ownership for 3D design and PLM software and increase the success of new product introductions. Designers and Manufacturers can deploy 3D and PLM solutions in stages depending on their specific needs and organizational capabilities. Zweave and OptiTex agreed to leverage their combined assets and infrastructure (such as OptiTex’s Pattern Design System™ (PDS), Modulate™ and Runway 3D™, and Zweave’s CPLM™ and Anthro-CPLM™) according to the needs of their joint customers in the Apparel Industry.

“Commercial market trends indicate that consumers today expect better fitting products, sizing systems that address niche market needs, and the increasing changes in the sizes of global populations. In Federal markets proper fit is the difference between life and death in products for chemical protection,” said David Buck, CEO of Zweave. “ Product development organizations are beginning to integrate 3D Anthropometric data from sizing surveys into their product requirements. However, to date, the Apparel Industry has struggled to manage 2D data. What the industry needs is apparel specific 3D CAD and PLM solutions and best practices,” says Buck. “As two of the strongest, most experienced vendors in the 3D and PLM apparel market, Zweave and OptiTex will best equip companies with the technology, quality practices and business processes they need to manage the end-to-end design and production value chain effectively and profitably, surpass customer expectations and evolve with future market changes.”

In addition to combining the two IT leaders’ innovation and integration capabilities for apparel design and manufacturing, Zweave and OptiTex will collaborate in the new agreement to share Anthropometric, 3D CAD and PLM consulting services and enhanced offerings in areas of business process analysis and best practices. Zweave and OptiTex’s efforts include: 3D data analysis; Collection and storage of sizing surveys; Integration of 3D scanners, Made To Measure, CAD, Pattern making; CAD and PLM Vendor Evaluation; Virtual Models, Avatars, and 3D draping software integration; Technical support in implementing new sizing systems and tools; 3D and 2D CAD and PLM systems integration, architecture and custom development; Customer data infrastructure for the collection, storage and use of 3D data.

OptiTex and Zweave are both open solutions that collaborate with third party solutions in PDM, PLM and CAD.

About OptiTex

Founded in 1987, OptiTex specializes in the development of innovative easy-to-operate CAD/CAM solutions for sewn products and other related industries. Its native Microsoft Windows based software packages for digitizing, pattern engineering, grading, marking, advanced automatic nesting, made to measure and draping, are specifically designed to meet the needs of today's manufacturers of industrial fabrics, apparel, upholstery, transportation, composites, home furnishings, and other sewn products. OptiTex's open architecture system comes amply equipped with a multitude of import/export formats, enabling OptiTex users to interface with a wide range of software and hardware. OptiTex also offers the convenient option of purchasing a completely integrated package, including OptiTex software solutions, digitizer, and pen or ink jet plotter. Available in more then 20 languages, OptiTex products are sold and supported around the world through certified distributors and OEMs.

About Zweave

Zweave is a PLM consultancy firm and Systems Integrator developing breakthrough Anthropometric Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management (CPLM™) Solutions, which address the most significant business challenges of manufacturers of uniforms, apparel, footwear, safety equipment and consumer products. Zweave brings together consumer goods industry domain experts, software technology professionals and experienced strategy consultants to deliver high ROI software solutions meeting product development and design needs.

Zweave, Inc. and all Zweave product names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zweave, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. Names of products from other vendors mentioned in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Except for the historical information contained herein, matters discussed in this news release may constitute forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected.

Posted March 2005

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