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Scalp is a home-based, wholesale clothing company providing stores with unique designs on tee shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jerseys, and more. The company has operated informally since May 24, 2002, when Scalp was registered as an LLC. Women’s apparel was added to the Scalp line in the spring of 2003. Scalp has built strong ties with the area’s best emcee, D.J., and hardcore artists. They also sponsor several local skateboarders and host skateboarding competitions. Located in Arlington, Virginia, Scalp’s management and ownership is divided equally between Brendan Taylor and Michael Dickey. Scalp will manufacturer urban wear and sell to retailers. By attending trade shows as buyers Scalp has determined the industry standard for prices of apparel at their level of competition. Scalp will be able to keep prices an average of $3.25 lower per piece than the competition without sacrificing quality. The biannual MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas, and the 212 trade show in New York occurring three times per year will be utilized to reach retail stores’ buyers. By using retailers Scalp will reach its target market of 15-25 year old men and women. These men and women are involved in the music or skateboarding scene. The end users will purchase Scalp clothing based on their involvement in these same scenes. Price has become crucial to the consumer’s decision to purchase apparel, ranking second behind style and/or color. Urban brands now constitute $1.6 billion of the country’s $50 billion menswear industry. Scalp will utilize low prices, and total immersion in the music and skateboarding communities to tap into this market. Phase two of Scalp’s plan involves using funds available at the end of year two to open a retail store. The focus of this store will be music (CD’s & records), skateboards and skateboarding equipment, and apparel. The store will also house a recording studio. Scalp’s projected financial information shows profitable operations by the end of year one, and over $1,000,000 in sales by year five. Scalp, with excellent experience in the industry, is seeking $200,000 in capital divided into two rounds: $90,000 early in 2006, and $110,000 six months later. Capital can be injected in the form of a five-year amortized loan or an equity level to be negotiated.

For more information contact: scalpgear@hotmail.com

Posted April 2005

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