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NEW YORK, April 12, 2005 -- “My dream was to get married in the most gorgeous bridal gown ever,” says Debby Roosa, artist, fashion designer, seamstress and author of the new book, A Designer’s Book of Bridal Gowns. That fantasy provided Roosa with the inspiration to write a book for every bride who dreams of what she’ll wear on that special day. The result is the most comprehensive, tailored-to-every-body-style sketchbook of bridal gown styles and design tips ever to hit the wedding and fashion industry market.

“My idea for the book was create a variety of drawings focusing on the style of every element of a wedding gown from the neckline to sleeves, bodice, waistline, skirt, train and even the veil to make it easier for seamstresses and designers to create the perfect dress for every bride and every body type,” says Roosa who has worked as a designer at Universal Studios in Orlando for the past thirteen years. She knows from her own experience, brides are especially focused on detail when it comes to their gowns. After working on the project for a number of years, A Designer’s Book of Bridal Gowns was born as an encyclopedic “mix and match” volume of design elements that can be put together in countless combinations to create uniquely individualized “art” in bridal wear.

The heart of the book is the extensive series of sketches featured for each distinct part of a bridal gown. Included are images of nearly 100 different styles of necklines, over 700 bodice styles, 400 sleeve designs, 100 waistlines and 600 skirt styles. There are illustrations and categories of veils, train lengths, back views and gown lengths in addition to selection of fabrics. “This book will alleviate weeks of work for the designer, seamstress and for the bride herself,” says Roosa. “Every element of the bridal gown, with hundreds of design choices, is now all in one place.”

The book is divided into several sections including “The Gown According to Your Body Type,” that being Short, Tall, Thin, Full Figure, Short Waist, Long Waist, Small Bust and Full Bust. Here is where every element of a bridal gown is categorized by body type. Numerous suggestions on how each element (neckline, bodice, sleeves, waistlines, skirts, trains and veils) will mesh with a particular type is highlighted. For example, sleeves for the short-waisted bride: “Try to select fitted sleeves, they create the image of longer arms;” or for the full-figured bride’s skirt: “If you have a full tummy, try not to select a gathered skirt.” These body-specific ideas allow every bride, designer or seamstress to create the gown that will work best with an individual figure.

Integrating the basics of timeless design, the 279 page A Designer’s Book of Bridal Gowns has been created as an evergreen sourcebook for the wedding industry. “Fabrics, colors and textures may vary over the course of time,” says Roosa, “but good fashion never really changes, and that’s what’s reflected in my book. I want every bride to have the most beautiful gown she can imagine for her wedding day.”

A Designer’s Book of Bridal Gowns is published by The Fashiondex, Inc., an apparel industry publisher and retails for $40.00. To purchase the book and for an in-depth look at excerpts of designs and sketches, please visit the Fashiondex website at www.fashiondex.com/publications/weddinggowns/index.vs.

Posted April 2005

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