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Lingerie metal accessory coatings market product launch

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Intechem Polymer Systems, located in London England, with global focus and sales within the lingerie metal accessory coatings market have launched their super flexible coating powders for spiral and flat corset bones.

The polymer powder, CW 100 and CW 280 grades have super elongation and impact resistance and will not easily break or tear even under significant mechanical stress. In tests, the spiral metal bones have broken long before the coating surrenders. The additional advantage of coating the spiral bones is that the corset bones can be coated ! in colours thus avoiding the grey shadow visible in the corset fabric due to the galvanised nature of the currently supplied spiral bones. The super coating also augments the product by adding a safety factor in the application. Should the spiral wire break, the wire is still protected by the coating and the chance of a broken and sharp metal penetration to the individual's skin is significantly reduced - a critical product liability issue for suppliers of spiral metal bones is eliminated by these super flexible coatings.

For more information, you may contact as follows: Intechem Polymer Systems 205 Parkway House Sheen Lane London SW14 8LS United Kingdom

Tel: + 44, 20, 8878 6578 Fax: + 44, 20, 8392 9003 email: estrabond@btconnect.com

Posted July 28, 2005

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