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On September 15 at 6p.m. in New York City, Linda Loudermilk, designer and founder of the luxury eco™ movement breaks ground on the runways of New York in Bryant Park’s Atelier tent. Renegade designer Loudermilk debuts her spring ’06 collection and the long awaited preview of the men’s line. For the first time in history at New York Olympus Fashion Week a single designer will unveil high-end clothing created from recycled and sustainable materials. “The Eco Invasion is a runway fusion of everything I believe in,” Loudermilk states. “It’s a new paradigm, where responsible businesses in food, shelter, clothing, transportation and energy give back to mother earth. We have become the stewards of the environment’s future.”

As the “Grand Dame of responsible clothiers” (Time Out NY- May’05), and a “pioneer in the concept of conscious commerce” (Newsweek-March ‘05), Loudermilk is pulling together key trail-blazing partners for this style mission served up from the earth. Loudermilk has also commissioned brand new music and videography for this show.

Current partners in the Eco Invasion include: Aveda™, the premiere maker of plant-derived hair care, skin care, makeup and life style products; Global Green, the U.S. non-profit arm of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Green Cross International, Velocity, the first ever hybrid line of luxury limousines and Helena Durst, a leader in the development of technologically advanced and environmentally responsible commercial property.

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Posted Aug. 16, 2005

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