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Eclipse Systems, leading WMS solution provider from India has introduced DYNAMIC ROUTING functionality in its Warehouse Management Product Suite DCMS. This new feature will allow DCMS users to work in compliance with growing requirements of retailers and stores for dynamic routing. Dynamic routing will help customers to know well in advance what shipment they will be receiving. They could figure out most optimal shipping carrier and fix up the location for receiving the shipment. This way they could cut down the transportation cost, which will lead to improvisation of order fulfillment process and shipment planning. “With dynamic routing, retailers would be able to save substantial transportation related cost by optimizing and consolidating shipments from different suppliers” stated Dr. Sharad Singhal, CEO Eclipse Systems. Dynamic routing is an initiative of JC Penney that allows them to know in advance what shipments they will be receiving on a particular day. Using this information from multiple vendors, they can run algorithms to minimize their transportation costs. This helps J C Penny to improve efficiency of their Inbound Retail and Catalog transportation routings by moving from static to dynamic routing environment. It also helps them to reduce replenishment time by bypassing segments of their transportation network where possible.

Eclipse System has also implemented a new program for SORTATION CONVEYOR. DCMS will support Sortation conveyors systems that are used for merging, identifying, inducting, and separating products to be conveyed to specific destinations. This program will be used for scanning the cartons on the conveyor through fixed scanners. Through proper controls & checks it will divert the cartons to right lane by opening the appropriate gate. This will increases the productivity in the DC and reduces the cost of shipping operations. Cartons moving through the Sortation system will be checked for weight, quality, and shipping status and processed to the assigned Sortation lane. About Eclipse Systems Eclipse Systems, founded in 1990, is an ISO 9001 certified company having rich experience in providing software development services. We are an enterprise solutions provider with specialisation in Supply Chain Management Systems for manufacturers, distribution centers and service organisations and have expertise in application & systems programming, e-commerce and multimedia applications development. We have clients spread across US, Europe & Asia. Major clientele includes Maidenform (USA), Guess Jeans (Canada) and more and Jesta Inc. (Canada) & Computec Inc. (USA) as our software partner.

For more information www.eclsys.com

Posted Aug. 25, 2005

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