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MTI Storage Solutions Support to Textile Manufacturer's Oracle Database

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MTI Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: MTIC) , a leading provider of data storage and business solutions for more than two decades, was the subject of a successful end-user application detailed at the annual Computer & Technology Showcase last week in Raleigh, N.C. Delivering the presentation to his fellow IT professionals was Michael Brown, a senior database administrator at Glen Raven, Inc., a diversified textile marketing, sales and manufacturing company headquartered in Glen Raven, N.C.

Glen Raven, Inc. uses MTI disk systems to support several applications using the Oracle database, including the company's primary enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment (Oracle Financials and Manufacturing); for ERP to function at its highest level, the storage component must be able to support the system's overall functionality.

"One of the challenges we face in a complex production environment is maintaining development and test environments with up-to-date production data," said Brown in his presentation, titled Copying Production Data to Development: A SAN-Based Solution. "More importantly, how do we keep this crucial data current without a huge investment in time?"

At the heart of Glen Raven's SAN (storage area network)-based solution is a configuration consisting of one MTI Vivant(TM) S240 and three Vivant V10s, which the company is in the process of replacing with a second S240 and two Vivant D100s. A third D100 will be placed into the Information Services lab environment.

On top of the MTI hardware, Glen Raven uses HP-UX disk mirroring software to maintain a reporting environment. The mirror is split every night, creating an environment that has current data as of midnight for all the reports that are run the next day.

"In addition to the time efficiency this provides, we don't have to pack $200,000 worth of disk-specific software into our system," said Brown. "The interoperability of the Vivant hardware lets us use standard products or open third party solutions, such as HP-UX Volume Manager and VERITAS File System and NetBackup products. Some other storage vendors push you to use their own proprietary software, which locks you into their disk subsystems."

MTI's Vivant SAN solutions are designed to meet the needs of high-end data centers requiring high-performance, fault-tolerant storage. They employ Fibre Channel serial interconnect technology for superior storage flexibility and manageability and can be scaled for a variety of applications that demand high bandwidth and maximum transfer rates.

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