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Photoshop Tutorial for Textile Design

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Origin inc. today announced the availability of the fourth edition of Adobe Photoshop for textile design, a collection of tutorials on how to use Adobe Photoshop for textile design. Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used design software in the world today. This book puts all the techniques for developing and creating color and design at your fingertips. It enables you to accomplish all the essential tasks for designing textiles. Through a series of lessons you will be guided through step by step techniques for creating color combinations, repeats, color reduction of a tonal (watercolor) design and simple woven effects. You’ll also learn how to use layers to create quick color combinations. There is a CD included with the book that contains color charts and practice images. For more information on "Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design" please visit them at www.designtextile.com

September 2004

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