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BASF to raise price for polystyrene

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As of September 22 of this year, BASF will be raising the price for the plastic polystyrene (PS) in Europe by 100 euros per metric ton.

The reason for this price increase is the greater-than-expected rise in raw material costs in the month of September. This meant that the necessary improvement in the margin could not be attained, as a consequence of which BASF sees itself forced to make further price adjustments.

BASF supplies high-quality crystal polystyrene for both oriented polystyrene sheet (OPS) and extruded foam packaging. Their low residual styrene technology has made BASF crystal polystyrene the choice for packaging of sensitive foods. BASF high-impact polystyrene resins also deliver low taste and odor characteristics that exceed requirements for food and dairy packaging. Their advanced polymerization technology imparts excellent environmental stress-crack resistance, rigidity, toughness and processability.

Sept. 2004

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