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Gerber Technology Leads its Customers into a New Era in China

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Gerber Technology strengthened its position as a leading supplier of automated design and manufacturing solutions to China with high-profile events surrounding the.

On September 7, the company hosted local and international customers, agents, distributors and media representatives at the grand opening of its 2,500-square-meter (27,000-square-foot) Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Shanghai. The center will accommodate 100 employees. Much fanfare surrounded the grand opening, including performances of the traditional Chinese lion dance and Western-style dance performances, product demonstrations and a press conference.

In celebration of the opening of the company's Advanced Technology Center, Gerber Technology hosted nearly 600 guests at a gala dinner on September 9 at the Shanghai Grand Theater, a renowned landmark of the region and a window of cultural exchange between China and the world. Highlights of the evening included a dance performance written and choreographed exclusively for Gerber to celebrate the company's 25-year commitment in China; and acknowledgement of 20 years of service to the company by Steven Tang, Gerber's Regional Vice President of Far East and Pacific.

During the four-day CISMA 2004 trade show held at the Shanghai New International EXPO Center, Gerber welcomed hundreds of visitors to its ultra-modern booth where the entire GERBERsuite line of products was on display. Several of Gerber's partners participated along with Gerber including Eton Systems, [TC]2, TPC, Nester, Browzwear and Younger Technology. At the show Gerber Technology unveiled its second model Infinity AE inkjet plotter, the Infinity AE II, manufactured locally and designed specifically for the Chinese market. James Arthurs, President of Gerber Technology said, "With this model we have expanded the scope of suitable markets to include automobile interior suppliers as well as furniture and apparel manufacturers...we have developed a product that well suits the needs of local manufacturers at a price point that is extremely appealing."

Officiating at the Opening Ceremony, Gala Dinner and related press conferences was James C. Leonard III, Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of Commerce, Textiles & Apparel, the individual responsible for negotiating apparel and textile quotas and post 1/1/05 World Trade Organization's safeguard measures. Other participants at these events included Ira Kasoff, Principal Trade Commissioner, US Consulate in Shanghai, Mr. Sun Rui Zhe, President of China's Textile Information Centre, Mr. Jiang Heng Jie, President, China National Garment Association, Mr. Alan Li, Executive Director, Clothing Industry Training Authority as well as a number of officials from the Foreign Economic Relations Office of Xuhui District, a borough of Shanghai.

International customers who participated in the events included Luen Thai, Crystal Garment, Otto International, Pacific Dunlop/Sara Lee, Li & Fung and SA Clothing/Celrose. Customers from China and Taiwan included Younger, ShanShan, Wacoal, Nien Hsing Textile and Kuohua. "One of the most satisfying things about events like this is the chance to publicly thank those loyal customers who have matured alongside Gerber, many times as a direct result of the advantages our automation solutions provide," added Arthurs.

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