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Sumary: Patents Infocenter launched today an RSS newsfeed on new Textile, Apparel and Footwear US patents. Our newsfeed delivers all patents to your desktop, without spam or mailboxes, saving your time and using a "non-techie" tool. Keeping track of these patents with RSS is a breeze, gives you an unique insight into industry development and helps you to discover new technologies to be licensed.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (November 22, 2004) - Patents Infocenter announced today a new service providing weekly information on new US patents related to the Textile, Apparel and Footwear industries. Patents are public documents with an ever-increasing body of technical knowledge that will only appears in papers and books years from now or never appears anywhere else. Keeping track of new patents gives you an unique insight into industry development and helps you to discover new technologies to be licensed.

We bring to our clients all relevant new textile, apparel and footwear patents in the world (includind design patents) since as many as 40% of patents issued in the US are granted for non-americans. Every week we search the US Patent and Trademark Office database and send you the results through an RSS newsfeed. Optionally, you can receive by email. Each patent in our newsfeed have a headline (a one line description of the patent), a brief description of the patent, one image and a link to the patent full text and images (screenshots available at the website).

RSS (Rich Site Sumary) is a fast and practical way to retrieve information from the Internet without spam or mailboxes. You get almost all of the content you want delivered to one place, saving precious time and using a practical tool designed for the "non-techie". RSS were designed to distribute news but it can delivers any web content. A sample RSS newsfeed showing the textile, apparel and footwear patents granted by the USPTO in October 26, 2004, can be viewed in the address http://textile.newpatents.net/test/sample.xml.

The rapid changing in textile, apparel and footwear industries is fuelled by new materials, like nanofibers, new machines and industrial processes. Apparel and digital technology are about to merge. Design, markets, everything is changing fast. It is imperative that everyone involved recognizes that since you can go fast, you better be sure you are going in the right direction.

Contact: Alexandre Mello Patents Infocenter alex@newpatents.net Phone: 55-21-96292404 website: textile.newpatents.net

December 2004

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