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Macy's Name Change Media Advisory

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This advisory relates to the conversion of all regional department stores now operated by Federated under the names of Bon-Macy's, Burdines-Macy's, Goldsmith's-Macy's, Lazarus-Macy's and Rich's-Macy's. It is intended to provide you with some basic information that will assist you in your local coverage.

- The names of Federated's regional department stores (listed above) will officially change to Macy's effective March 6. Prior to that date, they should continue to be referred to in their current hyphenated form.

- Exterior signs on these stores will begin to change to Macy's within the next several weeks. It is a process that will take some time to implement fully, but by March 6 we anticipate that exterior signage on at least two-thirds of the stores will have been converted. The timing of these conversions is largely determined by the obtaining of local permits, agreements with mall developers and factors related to logistics and sign manufacturing. Our division public relations offices will attempt to provide you with a heads-up for local signage installations as the schedule is finalized in the event you want to arrange video or photo shoots.

- A national marketing and advertising launch of the new national Macy's nameplate is slated for March 6. This will involve full-page ads in major national and local newspapers, broadcast advertising on local stations in each market and direct mailings to Macy's credit card customers nationally.

- A new customer loyalty program is being launched at all Macy's divisions. More than 14 million credit card customers will be receiving new Macy's credit cards and "Star Rewards" loyalty program details in mailings that will be received between now and the second week of March. This constitutes one of the largest credit-mailing programs in American history.

- Special events related to the name change will be held in mid-March. These will include in-store charity shopping days to benefit local non-profit organizations in most markets, and fireworks spectaculars and the staging of mini-Macy's parade events in selected cities. The parades, complete with Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons and marching bands, will be held March 12-13 in Atlanta, Columbus, Memphis, Seattle and Miami, and fireworks events will be held in Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Birmingham. (Details on these events will be forthcoming from division public relations offices as plans are finalized.)

Jan. 2005

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