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Fashion Award “Pin-up”

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Fashion Award “Pin-up”

Triumph International, the global market leader in high quality woman underwear, invites young fashion designers to participate in the “Triumph International Fashion Award 2005”.

Theme: “Pin-up” - Dress up the Pin-up for a glamorous party

“She is the princess of the Pin-up's and celebrates the triumph of her femininity in an elegant and sexy way. When she enters the room, she seduces with the glamour of the golden days of Hollywood.”

The theme of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2005 “Pin-up” focuses on creative and innovative design of women’s wear that celebrates the beauty of luxurious lingerie: bra and corsage as visible and integral parts of clothes. Fashion design between hiding and promising female attractions.

Closing date: 1. May 2005

Application requirements and timetable: www.fashionoffice.org/triumph

Seven designers have the great opportunity to present themselves to an international audience. The criteria of the fashion award are the quality of the execution under the aspects of creativity, innovation and the possibility for realisation. 7 designers will be nominated by a jury of experts for a public online-voting, which determines the 3 finalists. At the Triumph International Fashion Design Gala the designs of the finalists will be presented. The winner of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2005 will be selected at the Gala by media representatives.

The total value of the prizes, including international presentations, represents 92.596 Euro. That makes the Triumph International Fashion Award 2005 one of the most valuable fashion design prizes.

Triumph International continues the company’s tradition in supporting innovative fashion designers and emphasizes the significance of innovative fashion design for the enterprise.

The winner of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004 is „House of Diehl“. The concept-fashion label from New York is the darling of the international press: Vogue, New York Times, iD-Magazine, The Washington Post, Women’s Wear Daily, etc. After sensational fashion & art events „House of Diehl“ has made costumes for Gwen Stefani’s (Gwen acts as Jean Harlow in „The Aviator“ with Leonardo DiCaprio) actual music clip „Rich Girl“, camera David LaChapelle. The other two finalists, Aleksandra Paszkowska (Poland, lives in Belgium) und Elodie Sturniolo (Italy/Switzerland) have been selected from more than 140 designers from Berlin, New York, Vienna, Geneva, Florence, Shanghai, Teheran and Buenos Aires. More information about the finalists: www.fashionoffice.org/triumph


>The 4 models (2 bras, 2 corsages) for the award and press material about the winner of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004 „House of Diehl“ and the Finalists: www.fashionoffice.org/triumph/press

>current collection of Triumph International: www.triumph.com/press

For further information: Dr. Karin Sawetz, fashionoffice.org, phone: +43 1 76985-101, email: home@fashionoffice.org

January 13, 2005

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