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Launch of TUKAplan Pro

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TUKATECH, a leading supplier of apparel technology, today announced the launch of TUKAplan Pro, the first fully integrated pattern design (PDS), product development (PDM), Grading and Marking solution for all current TUKAcad users up to and including Version 8.94. We applaud our existing TUKACAD customers for their patience and loyalty in waiting for this upgrade, despite all the falsehoods, negative connotations and innuendos made by some of our competitors. This new release of TUKAcad along with the integration of TUKAplan creates a single secure platform that dramatically simplifies document tracking, archiving, and management. Rather than treating CAD stations as “stand-alone islands of productivity”, the new TUKAcad creates an enterprise environment that features centralized document management from a single database, easily produced reports in an environment that promotes communication among all users. Existing TUKAcad users, up to and including version 8.94, will be upgraded to ‘TUKAPLAN Pro’ free of charge.

The new TUKAcad release is easier to use and features user-friendly intuitive menus, automatically integrates with TUKATECH’s new e-Fit Simulator, global printing to FedEx-Kinko’s stores, TUKAweb and all TUKAcenters. All information from the CAD system will now be placed in a database, which will be easily available to all users. No new hardware or software needs to be purchased. The automatic entry of the data will allow the creation of a spec-pack in a database format and an organized filing system for all patterns and marker files as they are created. Existing files and their data will become part of the database, automatically. Users can upgrade to TUKAplan Enterprise, TUKATECH’s PDM/ERP solution, at any time.

TUKAPLAN Enterprise includes modules that integrate all aspects of Product Development, Sourcing and Manufacturing. All information is automatically stored in a database format that can be viewed by users. The database is not static and updates in real-time as users change the information. The data is created by inputting information as it becomes available. For example as soon as a fabric is sourced its details are input and this information is now available to everyone in the production chain, including the designer, merchandiser, CAD operators and production planners etc. As soon a marker is made that utilizes the same fabric and is scheduled for production the available quantities are reduced from inventory etc., and this amended information is immediately available to all concerned.

TUKAplan Enterprise enables sewn-goods manufacturers and their supply chain partners to be more efficient in all of their business processes from product development through to sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. TUKAplan’s comprehensive PDM/PLM/ERP solutions operate as a fully integrated suite of applications that increases speed to market and facilitates collaborative global communications with engineering, manufacturing and sourcing suppliers around the globe. Whether your manufacturing is internal or sourced, TUKAplan has a solution that addresses the growing and ever changing needs of today’s sewn-goods manufacturers.

TUKAplan helps manufacturers improve competitiveness, reducing errors, control inventory costs, improve customer service and shorten delivery schedules. All of this capability is packaged into a user-interface that is so easy to learn; most new users are operational within a day. Plus, each user can run TUKAplan in their native language. With TUKAplan’s extensive customization features, more power is placed into the hands of the system administrator, resulting in implementations that are measured in weeks instead of months and less dependence on third party consultants or their software provider.

Please see us from 21st to 24th January, 2005 in New Delhi, India at Garmentechnology Expo and on 16th to 18th March, 2005 in Miami Beach, Florida at Materials World trade shows or call 1-877-TUKACAD for upgrade or demonstration.

January 2005

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