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NextTrim.com launches - the first apparel trim and packaging trend and

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Next Trim LLC announced the launch of NextTrim.com, the world’s first online service dedicated to tracking and cataloging the latest designs, innovations and trends in the world of apparel trim, labeling and packaging.

The subscription based internet service can be found at www.nexttrim.com

Jonathan Markiles, C.E.O. of Next Trim commented,”Today, trim and packaging is more important to the success of the apparel brand than ever. While other “trend” services focus on overall styles and color, Next Trim concentrates on the garment design and marketing details, including decorative trim, labeling, fasteners and hang tags. We deliver value by finding the very best trim designs and ideas and showing them directly to the designer at their desktop. It would be virtually impossible for an apparel designer to see what we show them without spending a huge amount in time and travel.”

Next Trim’s team is based in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The service features thousands of selected images of the latest and most interesting trim items and garment details, with hundreds of new images added to the site each week. The service also regularly publishes articles that explore the latest trends and forecasts as they relate to design details. The service is highly customizable for the user, allowing subscribers to focus on items and information relating to their market segments and to be notified when content that interests them is added to the service.

NextTrim.com also contains a powerful global trim sourcing system. Next Trim subscribers can also identify which trim company produced selected trim items shown on the site and contact the supplier directly if they are interested in a similar item for themselves.

”Our goal”, Markiles continued,” is to offer the apparel designer, merchandiser and trim buyer the best and most comprehensive online resource for all of their trim design and sourcing needs. We don’t sell any trim, rather we help apparel companies locate new trim suppliers globally and to share concepts, ideas and requirements with each other. Trim development and sourcing is a critical element in the success of apparel brands. With garment production being done on such a global basis, Next Trim will help brands develop cutting edge trim faster and closer to their manufacturing locations and will help them achieve success”.

Feb. 2005

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