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Cliff Rayman of Rayman and Associates Named Agent for Carushka

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Cliff Rayman of Rayman and Associates ( http://caru45.rayman.com ) has been named as the exclusive international agent for the trademarks: Carushka, Carushka Bodywear, Expect the Unexpected and Survival of the Fittest

Carushka had coined the term Bodywear when she started designing and manufacturing her own unique designs in 1979. Over the intervening 25 years she has produced hundreds of successful designs, hundreds of thousands of pieces, and tens of millions of dollars in sales. Her other accomplishments include: pioneering the use of Lycra in activewear; being voted one of America's Top Ten Designer's by New York's Fashion Group; being honored as one of Glamour Magazine's Outstanding Working Women; is the subject of an educational television documentary; is a virtual speaker for a Cornell University course on entrepreneurship; dressed famous celebrities such as Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, John Travolta, Prince, Princess Diana, Demi Moore, Cybill Shepard, Carmen Electra, Rene Zellweger, Cher and Hunter Tylo; and was chosen to include her bodywear designs in the coveted Academy Awards Goodie Bags for 2004.

She closed down her manufacturing and distributing operations last year so that she could exclusively focus on new designs and marketing. Her new 2006 designs are currently on the drawing board. She is seeking companies who wish to produce her designs under license for distribution via a variety of channels. Her cult-like client base looks up to her like a guru, and they are anxiously awaiting the return of her clothes.

For more information contact: Cliff Rayman [phone] 888-736-3802 x701 [fax] 818-743-7404; [web] http://caru45.rayman.com/

February 2005

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