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Yardmanstyle is on the map for the contemporary urban consumer

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Hugh Johnson was born in Jamaica, he attended Kingston College and Gaynestead High School before migrating to the United States in the late 701s. Hugh started his studies at Fordham University but completed them at Adelphi University. During his senior year at Adelphi, he was recruited to the prestigious Touche Ross Accounting firm. After a couple of years, he moved on to be an Assistant Financial Controller at Citibank. In 1988, he acted on his desire to be his own boss, and so he started his own tax practice in the Bronx - HAMJ/H.A.M.J, Inc. Through diligence, hard work, and a caring and generous spirit, he has led the company into the millennium with a wide range of tax and accounting services and a large clientele.

Following his dream to branch out into fashion, he has produced an exciting new line of fashionable clothing for the contemporary urban consumer. Hugh has vowed to put Yardmanstyle on the map, and with his drive, his work ethic, and his belief in his product, his dream will be a reality. Since introducing Yardmanstyle, Hugh has received nothing but favorable comments about the clothing. Since Yardmanstyle is targeting the Caribbean/Reggae market, it is regarded as a pioneer in the industry and therefore it is appealing to a wide age group. Hugh is grateful to everyone who has offered support and advice during the planning and implementation stages of his baby, YARDMANSTYLE.

You can visit them at www.yardmanstyle.com

Posted March 3rd, 2005

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