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MESA, AZ - August 15, 2001 As the Internet expands, the current trend of consumers buying goods online will only increase. Every day, huge and growing numbers of people are going online to buy everything from clothes, to electronics, to cars and services.

As the number of products available on the Internet continues to soar, shopping online may become old hat for many, and too complicated for some. With thousands of sites offering the same kinds of products, how do consumers decide where to go? To keep things interesting, online retailers must stir up the pot every once in a while, giving customers a reason to shop their site instead of thousands of others.

One site is doing a particularly good job of giving customers incentives to visit. Customhide.com manufactures and sells top-quality leather goods to online customers. "Since there's no middle man, we can offer lower prices. Plus, dealing directly with the customers allows us to customize each product individually, from custom hardware to a completely customized piece," says Nick Masterson, founder of Customhide.com. "If you see a product that you like, but want to add an extra pocket here, use different hardware, or change its dimensions, we'll make sure you get exactly what you want in whatever size you wish. Similarly, if you don't see a product that's right for you on our site, we'll make you a custom piece, either from an existing sample or even from a picture or a drawing."

Customhide.com does business strictly online, and manufactures its products in the USA, and sells both nationally and internationally. "All our products are made from genuine full grain hides, and are lined with real leather. Leather lining is almost unheard of in our industry, so that really sets us apart," says Masterson. "Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on every one of our products, which lends to our very high customer satisfaction ratio."

Custom Hide has been manufacturing their quality leather goods in the US since 1984, and moved their business exclusively online two years ago. Customhide.com does not sell their products wholesale, so they are not available in any stores. For more information about Custom Hide, see <http://www.customhide.com>.

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